The start of a drawing

diptych 2 beginning

I am starting work on the second part of a diptych of Monger’s Lake and thought it might be interesting to show how I tackle the job. I draw the horizon lines and then fill in the detail, often going back over and over to get the effect I want. Each part of the diptych is much larger than the drawings I have previously done of Monger’s Lake. I hope that by creating two large drawings that hang side by side I will capture the immensity of the landscape, the flatness (except for the little hill in the lake) and the size of the sky. I have completed the first part of the diptych and hope that when this one is finished they will work together.

I love to use Bic propelling pencils that give me a soft lead that I don’t have to sharpen! This drawing is on cartridge paper and will end up 75cm by 45cm.

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