I have been a graphic designer, webpage-designer and librarian but am now concentrating on my own artistic endeavours. I have lived in Mandurah, Western Australia, for over ten years and have exhibited in several group exhibitions and art prizes. The most recent exhibition was a group exhibition called 360° – an exhibition of the work of 6 Peel artists, held at the Gallows Gallery in Mosman Park 3-10 July 2018.

My work is held in private collections in Australia.

I work mainly on paper using watercolour or gouache and pencil. Some years ago I used maps to draw and paint on – discovering the delight of using the intricacies of details on maps as a layer in abstracted landscapes.

I am now working on a larger scale on landscapes using pencil and gouache on paper. You can see some of my more recent work in the Gallery page.

You can contact me by email: suegreysmith@gmail.com or by phone: 0408 857 828 (Australia)

nullarbor trees

This is a drawing in ink and gouache of the Hampton Tableland in the Nullarbor Plain between Western Australia and South Australia.

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