Estuary island

estuary island2

I have been working on a view of a low island in the Mandurah Estuary. I was interested in the way the shallow water ripples over the sand that leads to the island and the different colour of the water where it is deeper. The preliminary sketch, below, was done using coloured pencils and the later version, above, was using gouache and a bit of pencil.

These are both small sketches on paper.

estuary island1

2 thoughts on “Estuary island

  1. Hi Sue. I’m particularly struck by how each picture has a different emphasis and how that changes the mood. I’m wondering which you like best. I like them both, but do have a favourite! If you do something more from the shetches, I’d be very interested in which path it would take. OA


  2. Hi OA. Thanks very much for your comment – I think I have been influenced and inspired by the way you work at something and produce such different results! I am trying to do more than accept the first thing I do and leave it at that. So thank you! Regarding these two pieces, I like both but feel the one done in gouache is less constrained and more abstract. The one done in pencil is a more careful representation and has less character perhaps. So I probably like the second one best! And I will keep working at it too. Thanks Sue

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