Snow Gums at Mt Hotham

Snow Gums Mt Hotham

I have now done some more work on the bushfire-burnt snow gums at Mt Hotham. This time I used a thin twig from an Agonis Flexuosa tree (WA Peppermint) to put down white ink on top of a gouache background. This stick allowed me to better draw the thin tracery of twigs still left at the end of the branches of the dead white snow gums. I also used some coloured pencils to add depth to the background and to hopefully give an impression of the grasses and low bush that has recovered from the bush fires.

This is also a larger drawing than my first study – about 60cms by 40cms.  

2 thoughts on “Snow Gums at Mt Hotham

  1. I love the subtle green background in this. It lifts the whole scene out of the desolation that is left by bushfire. Great to use the little WA ‘agonis’ tool in this. There are many scenes such as this in SW Tasmania after last summer’s fires. But new growth is wonderful.

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  2. Thank you Melaleuca. I have been very concerned about the fires in SW Tasmania as I imagine it will take the trees there a long time to recover, but it is good when the smaller plants pop up with that lovely green. Sue

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