An inspiring artist: Gosia Wlodarczak

Last weekend we caught the train to Perth and popped into the Art Collective WA gallery in Hay Street Subiaco. We went to see Gosia Wlodarczak at work drawing on the huge glass window of the gallery. Over a couple of weeks Gosia will be drawing the things she sees as she sits at the window – a record of what she sees pass before her. She draws over the images she has made so that it becomes a complex tangle of lines. When you look carefully at the tangle you start to see individual drawings – of the No Parking sign, bicycle wheels, a parked car and the olive tree in a pot and much much more. You can also see some of the objects she has drawn through the glass that the drawings are on – an interesting experience. Gosia was using pigment pens on the glass window – and at the end of the show it will all be washed off. She enjoys talking to people as she draws so even though it’s a performance, it’s one you can take part in! There are also some other pieces in the gallery – works on linen and a paper ‘tablecloth’ covered with her drawings – added to every day when she stops to have a cup of coffee.

Gosia Wlodarczak is a Melbourne-based, Polish-born artist with an impressive body of work. Here’s her website:

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