After Site Lines

It’s been a busy few weeks since the ‘Site Lines’ exhibition opened. A week after the opening Patricia Hines and I spoke at an Artist Talk event at the gallery to about thirty interested people. Carolyn Marks, the gallery curator, spoke on behalf of Sue Briggs, the third member of the trio exhibiting, and then Patricia and I talked about our work.

It was an interesting experience having to put into words the ideas that lie behind the work I do. I realised that I do think quite a lot about my work, even if it isn’t immediately obvious to me when I am actually doing it. I realised too that some of the things about my work that I think are pretty obvious, are not so apparent to others. It’s good when an explanation or description helps viewers appreciate the work a little more. I found that sitting in the gallery, meeting and talking to visitors, was a rewarding and positive experience.

At the end of three weeks, a crew of CASM volunteers helped us dismantle the exhibition – it was faster to take down than install!

I was delighted that many people enjoyed my small Map Fragments – so much so that the red dots looked like they were designed as part of the display! All in all, a very happy, though tiring, experience!


Part of my installation of ‘Map Fragments’ with red stickers!

2 thoughts on “After Site Lines

  1. Hi Sue
    Yes. A wonderful diversified exhibition by you all.
    From the volume of red dots illuminating your ‘Map Fragments, it was very obvious this form and technique was well rewarded. I am enjoying immensely my investment in three of your ‘Map Fragments’ where they are safely mounted onto my wall near my study desk. I am very tempted to add three red dots to reminisce about the ‘Map Fragments’ installation.
    Cheers Janice


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