A zigzag map

I have been playing around with some small maps – making them into a little zigzag book that can sit on a shelf or be tied up into a small 9 centimetre square package. For the basis of this work I’ve used a map that includes some salt lakes and a few features like wells or bores and there are tracks marked across the land. I’ve added my own interpretations of colours of the land and the dots of vegetation. I thought about how shadows move as the sun moves across the sky. I placed shadows of the vegetation on the left in the right hand panels, to the centre in the middle panel and to the right in the left hand panels. I hoped this might add some difference to each panel and perhaps give a suggestion of the sun moving across this vast land. The other impression I tried to give was that of the weird effect shadows have on your eyes out in the harsh light of the Western Australian landscape.

Folded zigzag map

Folded zigzag map

Unfolded zigzag map

Unfolded zigzag map

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