A few days down south

We’ve just had a few days camping in the forest between Margaret River and Augusta in the south-west of Western Australia. It’s a fabulous part of the world. We did a 9 hour walk along the clifftop Cape to Cape track between Conto’s Field and Bob’s Hollow – then came back along the beach. It was stimulating and wonderful to get out into that country. There were still plenty of spring wildflowers to look at.

One of my recent tasks has been to go through the film positives of work I did many years ago when I designed cards and tea-towels for a business I ran with my then-husband. These designs have been stored in a plan chest for years and as I would never use the film positives again I had to decide what to do with them. I decided to make a record of the designs by scanning the small ones, like the one below, and photographing the larger ones. This has been quite a task, but is now complete. I have thrown out the originals but at least I do have a record of all that work i did!

A card design by me from long ago

A card design by me created long ago

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