Galaxy maps

Last week we went to a talk at the Perth Planetarium. It was given by scientists who work with a supercomputer at the University of Western Australia to create a virtual universe. The super computers are like the ones I remember hearing about when I was young – huge big boxes that churn through absolutely unthinkable amounts of data in a short time.¬† A lot of the science went over my head but I was drawn to the images they created to show how they figure it all works. There’s galaxies and stars and galaxies colliding and different types of galaxies and old and new stars…. it’s a whole world of concepts that I don’t know enough about, but find intriguing to look at. The images of clouds of diffuse looking galaxies are reminiscent of the clouds we see flying over the Australian landscape, and an image they showed of how the universe came into being after the Big Bang looked like the watery land at Lake Clifton near here. The image below is of galaxies colliding – a scary event that we won’t actually experience!

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