An invitation

To my delight I’ve been asked to take part in an exhibition of work at the Darlington Arts Festival in November.

The theme of the Invited Exhibition this year is Rebirth. It’s designed to celebrate the artists involved in the first Darlington Art exhibitions in the 1960s by inviting the offspring or relatives of that first generation of artists to show their work, as well as showing the work of local artists who have emerged in recent years. Nanette Tareha is the Exhibition Curator.

My father Guy Grey-Smith, was one of the artists who decided to put on an art exhibition in the old Darlington Hall to raise money for the local volunteer fire brigade. Dad was very thankful to the volunteer fire brigade because he’d let a “burn-off” of our bush block get away and it could have been a total disaster if the brigade had not come along. There was a group of lively artists living in Darlington in the 1960s, so putting on an exhibition was a natural thing to do. It was pretty successful but I’m sure they didn’t imagine it would still be going in 2014! In fact the Art Exhibition is now just a part of a large and very successful arts festival. I’m so pleased to be invited to be part of this great community event.

The Darlington Arts Festival is on 1-2 November in the lovely village of Darlington in the Perth Hills.

Darlington Arts Festival

Reconfigured map fragment. Gouache and pencil.

Reconfigured map fragment. Gouache and pencil.



Here’s a detail of the work I have produced for the exhibition. It’s a fragment of a map that I have reworked – it’s a view of the marks left behind after a bushfire has streaked across the land, and the rapid regrowth of vegetation that appears so quickly after a burn.

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